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Indicium Compliance Solutions Inc. (ICS) is a specialized division of a privately owned industrial waste management and environmental services company providing training, audits and assessments, custom IT solutions and performance packaging. We focus on safe operations, uncompromising regulatory compliance, exceptional customer service and environmental stewardship to operate and grow our business. From specialized training, providing performance packaging, all the way to scaled project oriented compliance audits; ICS can provide the solutions and resources needed to meet the requirements of any customer.

Indicium Compliance Solutions Inc.:
  • Increase compliance training efficiency

    Regulatory compliance costs firms billions of dollars each year. For any organization, much of these costs are spent training employees on regulations, administering these training requirements, and ensuring training compliance is constantly up to date. Your performance and cost objectives need to be balanced against the need to comply with a myriad of health, safety, and environment regulations and industrial standards. ICS provides both open enrolment and fully-integrated, site-specific compliance programs, developed by industry experts, which can significantly improve your employee safety and company performance.
  • Improve compliance training management and reporting

    As regulatory and compliance hurdles grow higher, you must deliver your training quickly, clearly and with auditable results. Your team must be up to date with current information so they can stay focused yet be immediately informed of industry changes to avoid potential liabilities. Numerous learning management technology solutions are available today that almost certainly will reduce these management costs and provide a staggering return-on-investment by improving compliance management efficiency.
  • Mitigate

    Non-compliance has another set of costs, even beyond the large fines and penalties that may occur. Failure to comply may even lead to firings, lawsuits, public censure, loss of supplier contracts, stock devaluation and even bankruptcy. In addition to alleviating many of the headaches caused by manually managing compliance requirements, learning management solutions help mitigate business compliance risks by helping you better monitor employee training status and results.
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Indicium CS - Supplier of Performance Packaging
Indicium Compliance Solutions Inc. is the proud to announce that they are the EXCLUSIVE* CANADIAN DISTRIBUTOR of Questar  Inc. Hazardous Materials Packaging.

* well, we share British Columbia
Indicium CS - Distributor of Spills Management Materials
Indicium Compliance Solutions Inc. is the proud to announce that they are now a distributor of Evolution Sorbent Products spills management materials.
Indicium CS - Distributor of Personal Protective Equipment
Starting July 1, 2014 - Indicium Compliance Solutions will be able to offer for sale a wide array of Personal Protective Equipment.
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